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G4Sco, the unique resource for your
SR&ED Tax Credits!


G4Sco SR&ED claims are managed, calculated and drafted with the outmost care to guarantee you the maximum return for your SR&ED tax credits.

Our team of expert accountants, tax specialists, computer specialists and engineers from multiple technological sectors will setup an efficient methodological system that respects in every way the program admissibility criteria. They will prepare an irreproachable tax credit claim, thus providing you with the maximum worry-free return.

With G4Sco, your SR&ED tax credit claim is prepared with the outmost professionalism, timely basis and simplicity but, most importantly, our primary goal is to get you the maximum return. With the highest success rate in the industry, G4Sco will provide you with the maximum return possible and a worry-free claim.

Our team of experts plan, structure and draft the technical and financial reports. They accompany you every step of the process by supporting you and representing you in cases of government review.

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G4Sco, Partners in the success of the Quebec manufacturing industry!


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G4Sco helps you claim your share of the
4 billion dollars in tax credits returned each year by the Canada Revenue Agency!


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