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Business Coaching


An Innovative approach to coaching and tailored to your needs

G4Sco's mandate is to help companies to rise to the highest levels in terms of their workforce. It is in this light that this service provided by G4Sco for the day. Indeed, to hire a coach in order to help you achieve your organizational goals and improve your productivity can be a great business decision!

A coach at your fingertips!

This service was created for you. Take the quiz below to help you identify your coaching needs. Then immediately get the support of a coach who understands the challenges your industry!

Why use the services of G4Sco?

To help you more effectively achieve your goals!

Some examples

Sale /marketing

  • Develop sales skills
  • Plan an expansion to an international market
  • Increase your competitiveness
  • Market with greater impact
  • Focus on the customer service


  • Improve organizational development
  • Write a business plan
  • Improve your business strategy
  • Manage changes

Human ressources

  • Improve the selection process
  • Optimize performance through training
  • Evaluate the performance more effectively
  • Develop supervisory skills manage absenteeism
  • Improve the work environment
  • Write a job description


  • Just in time delievery
  • The establishment of quality standards
  • Quality Measurement Methodologies
  • The quality management
  • Design your product
  • The improvement of manufacturing processes
  • Cost reduction programs
  • Automation
  • Planning

Transfer of knowledge

  • Identify critical positions in the company
  • Document company's critical knowledge
  • Succession planning

Who are the coaches?

A manager team combining over twenty-five years of experience and who have been trained in organizational coaching. They make available their expertise in corporate fields of expertise mentioned above.

What is their role?

Their role is to go in business, provide advice, support and expertise, while tailoring interventions to the needs of each organization.Their mandate is clear. It is for them to support a decision maker in order to ease the objectives identified at the beginning of intervention.

What are the benefits of coaching?

  • Improving learning and work performance
  • Increasing the productivity
  • Continued support
  • Increasing work motivation
  • Achieving results directly related to the work of the person "coached"

G4Sco, Partners in the success of the Quebec manufacturing industry!


Our experience

Our team of experts possesses over 25 years of experience. They have a proven track record in senior management positions and business ownership. With solid expertise in Sales and marketing, Human Resources or Operations, they have succeeded in building high performing, profitable businesses that can compete on international levels.


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Quiz in PDF!

If you checked more than 5 answers are shown in blue in the text, you need coaching! We will be happy to accompany you along the way.

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